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I have been teaching acting for over 50 years and I rarely come across innovations to the craft process that I believe in and support. Without hesitation, I fully endorse and recommend Jared Kelner's book LINE? The Creative Way for Actors to Quickly Memorize Monologues and Dialogues. ​Every actor must memorize lines and most actors look at the line memorization process as something outside of the craft of acting, but in fact, it is very much an integral part of the craft process and as such, actors need a craft technique to help them. In his book LINE?, Jared Kelner brings something inventive, innovate and important to the craft of acting. The technique of imaging that Jared teaches for line memorization mirrors imaging concepts I share in my book Acting, Imaging and the Unconscious. I am pleased to endorse Jared Kelner and his contribution to our craft. LINE? is a must read for every actor.

Corey Nathan

Artistic Director of Epiphany Collaborations, a Southern California based theatre and film ensemble that endeavors to engage today’s culture in conversations that count.

If your interest is in the craft of acting, developing an approach to building a character, understanding and mastering the work it takes to creating a role, Jared Kelner is truly one of the few in the country that can responsibly and sensitively shepherd you through that process. I have had the privilege of studying with Jared, acting alongside him, being taught and directed by him, teaching alongside him, as well as directing him. Through all of these experiences, Jared has embodied a humble reverence for the craft, a dedication to the diligence required to lift the art, and has kept an eye on the objective that all actors should share: to bring characters to life within the context of the story the writer is intending to tell; "to live truthfully and creatively within the imaginary circumstances of the playwright.

I wish I had a dime for every actor who has told me their biggest fear was memorizing lines. So I was delighted when I discovered Jared Kelner and was able to introduce him to my students. The response to LINE? Was so positive. The actors felt they had received valuable tools to overcome their fears and move forward in their work with confidence. Jared’s positive enthusiastic style is so encouraging it’s a pleasure to be in the classroom with him.

I feel extremely lucky to have found Jared for my short film ‘Madeleine.’ Jared is an actor capable of conveying deep emotion with simplicity and grace.

Jared is an exceptional actor and a joy to work with. His emotional availability makes him an unusually sensitive and intelligent performer. Jared is a powerful performer who was a fantastic asset for our production.

Jared Kelner is an emotionally generous and intense actor that gives his scene partner so much to work off of. He is ever present, living truthfully in the moment and fully invested in the given circumstances of the script. He is a true artist.

As Malcolm the rapist, Mr. Kelner puts Hannibal Lecter on notice that he doesn’t have the market on creepy. His sneering, leering manner spotlighted in red light and backgrounded with eerie, nerve–racking music all combine with a masterful command of a Southern drawl to produce a spine-tingling effect.

Jared attacks his roles with the passion of a true artist. Whether delving into the psychology of George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, or embracing the awkward nerd on his first date after decades of marriage, he brings depth and humanity to the characters he creates.

Jared does not merely excel in his craft, his contributions to the world of theater affects us in the most complete way. As a teacher, actor, director, producer and as a human being, Mr. Kelner knows no other process other than the compete and true experience. He is diligent in his attention to detail, and tireless in his passion for an honest and fulfilling practice of the art of performance and production. Don't just take his classes, take them all... Twice.


Jared, I just wanted to let you know that I just finished filming a TV series here in Los Angeles and I have to tell you something…I've been doing this for 30 years and one of the biggest problems I have had in my career is memorizing lines. It's a problem that people like me, which there are many actors like me, have tried everything under the sun from highlighters to blocking, to weird witchcraft, to taking pills, to meditating, anything we can to get those lines set and as fast as we can…and nothing has worked…Until I met you. I searched online for Memory courses for actors and found you and your book called “LINE?” What an amazing process you have. You take a traditional memory course and flip it for actors and it is an absolute jewel. In my 30 years of being a professional actor, I certainly could recommend a lot of things for actors to do, from good head-shots to good resumes, to good demo reels, to good training, but I will tell you now, I am a firm believer that if someone wants to succeed in this business they absolutely need to sign up immediately for your coaching session (which by the way is an amazing price and I felt like I was robbing you because all that you give in addition to the coaching, it’s worth thousands of dollars and unbelievably, it didn't even cost a couple hundred dollars.)  From theater to commercials to film and TV this is an essential tool that every actor, from a new actor to a seasoned professional, should have in their tool kit. I could go on and on, but now I'm going to celebrate because I got my lines down for seven scenes in a matter of two days. This allowed me to do what I naturally do best which is to be an actor and give the best possible product to the people that hire me for their project or production. You're an amazing soul and you deserve an enormous amount of recognition, if not millions and millions of dollars thrown at your feet. I highly recommend you get Jared’s book “LINE?” and that you sign up for a coaching session with Jared.

Over my years as an actor, the one thing in my way has been the worry of remembering my lines. When stumbling on lines in auditions, I would instantly be taken out of a scene. I've tried other memory techniques but none gave me the solid security I was looking for. Thanks to Jared and the WAY he teaches his acting and memory technique, I feel safe knowing my lines no matter what happens. A weight has been lifted off my acting shoulders, and I'm feeling more focused and confident in auditions, I just wish I would have found him sooner!

Diane L. Parker

NY Strawberry One-Act Play Festival Winner, Best Play/Best Actress (2017); NJACT Perry Award Winner

Just when I thought I had it all together, Jared Kelner enters my world and my life has not been the same. The guidance and instruction Jared provides on the craft of acting has elevated my skills as an actor and director. His passion is clearly evident and his approach is supportive and nurturing. From Meisner to Chekhov to Stanislavski, I consider Jared as my one-stop shop. He is more than generous with his time when I need individual coaching. Whether we’re messaging, texting or talking by phone or whether it’s 7 a.m. or midnight, Jared has consistently been available to offer his expertise and honest feedback. I highly recommend him without hesitation if you’re willing to explore and ready to grow.

Russell K. Ortiz

NJACT Perry Award Nominated Actor

Jared Kelner is an inspired and inspiring instructor. He combines an extensive presentation of acting techniques and  knowledge with an enthusiasm and passion for the material. A passion that is passed on to each student through his innovative teaching style. While he requires each student to " seriously work at the craft", each session is infused with the joy of learning. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to study with Jared.

Jared's class is as freeing and fun as it is emotionally challenging and brutally honest. His knowledge of various techniques gives you an opportunity to make new discoveries each and every time you work, all of which are practical tools to take into the audition room or a new role. If you're new to acting, seeking to improve, or simply staying on your game, this is the class to take. You WILL grow as an actor, you WILL go to new places as a performer, and by the end, you WILL be fearless.

Meg Fry

Award winning screenwriter at the Canada International Film Festival and graduate of the Second City Training Center in Chicago

Let me start by saying that Jared Kelner has completely earned my trust and admiration, as both a person and a teacher. Having worked professionally in the film, television and theatre industry, I know all too well how rare it is for an acting instructor to care most about your mental well being over the craft itself - but Jared does. His empathetic and highly emotional approach to prepping oneself to embody a character is far more powerful than any technique there is to be learned. But if it is pure knowledge you seek, Jared's studied and taught it all - regardless of which class you take with him, be prepared to learn everything and anything from Meisner to Strasberg to Stanislavsky to Adler to names you've yet to learn of and will never forget - all infused with Jared's unique perspectives. Jared has personally encouraged, guided and supported me in using my own experiences to find deeper, more meaningful connections with characters, and also, to enjoy stepping into a character's shoes for a while so I can be completely out of my own. I would and have recommended him to anyone who is open-minded, humble, willing and serious in honing their approach to both stage and film acting.

Mary Sullivan

If you want to be a better actor study with Jared! I learned so many techniques and strategies to make my characters more in depth and realistic.  Each week was a new approach or technique with time to apply and learn from Jared and your classmates.  Jared's enthusiasm and passion is invigorating.

Ami Martino

NJACT Perry Award Nominated Actress

I recently took an acting class with Jared and it was an amazing experience. Jared is very patient, giving and supportive of his students. The class environment he created was safe and nonjudgmental and he encouraged us to be creative and make mistakes. I loved that. I really was able to trust my fellow classmates as well. I have never felt so safe and willing to take risks in comparison to other classes I have taken. I came away with a new sense of self awareness and confidence.

Ross Pohling

NJACT Perry Award Nominated Acto

I’ve taken three acting classes with Jared Kelner and any actor in the area who hasn’t studied with Jared is seriously missing out. Jared is an entertaining person who explains acting theory in a clear and accessible way. He could lecture on Strasberg, Meisner, Stella Adler, and Eric Morris all day and it would be interesting the entire time. But that was not the focus of class. Class time was mostly used for exploring and practicing several craft techniques for developing both the actor and the character. These techniques have already been proven effective for Jared and/or his students during his 30+ years as an actor and acting teacher. The class I took was a four hour class on Sunday nights, but my growth as an actor went far beyond those four hours. Jared expects his students to work hard outside of class time, and he works equally hard outside of class time, if not harder. He frequently checked in with me and the other students during the week, he saw a production that I was in to provide feedback, and he even met with me and other students in our class to work on scene study outside of class time. I’ve become a much better actor thanks to the class I took with Jared, and I recommend that anyone else looking to improve their craft sign up for his next class.

The Level 3 class with Jared was fantastic. Jared teaches a range of emotional prep and craft techniques so you have a lot of different tools available, depending on what you/your scene needs. The students in class are serious about their craft, which motivates everyone really focus and do their best work. And because we had many different actor types, we could learn a lot from each other, too. What's great about Jared, though, is that his passion for sharing the joy of acting is so apparent in class. Through his thoughtful and honest feedback, you can feel how much he wants you to succeed. I would definitely recommend working with Jared if you have the opportunity.

Mary Parker

I learned many things about acting from the classes I took with Jared, but the best thing he shares is himself.  Jared has a rare drive-mixed-with-enthusiasm that is contagious.  His ability to keep learning and applying his learning in new ways, is very inspiring to all of his students.   His writing nomination for Outstanding Original Play is yet another example of this, and not a surprise. Jared makes a strong connection between acting and writing.  His kindness and encouragement enabled me, as a beginner, to contribute in improv skits, devised pieces and in building backgrounds for my characters.  The skills he teaches are fabulous for acting, but also applicable to all walks of life.  Most importantly he sparked a sense of confidence in me that had always been difficult to find. He is an excellent teacher.

Frank Kelly

I have been taking acting classes with Jared for about four years. For those just starting to learn the craft of acting or for those experienced actors, I believe that Jared’s class can be an excellent learning experience. Jared teaches the Meisner technique but includes many other acting techniques and exercises in his sessions. He comes to class prepared with a specific agenda for that particular session. Being an actor himself, and a good listener, Jared relates well to his students and knows their individual weakness and the areas to work on. Jared has provided me with a strong acting tool box which has been very helpful when going out on auditions. I would highly recommend taking Jared’s class to any actor to grow their craft and be better prepared for potential acting jobs in the future.

I recently studied with Jared Kelner in a Meisner Intensive class. I wish I started working with Jared sooner. He really has a gift for being an acting teacher. He exceeded my expectations with his drive to be the best teacher he can be. I always felt that he truly cared about my progress as well as my classmates. Jared was always on time to teach, prepared, and challenged me every class. He not only motivated me, but inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams of acting.

"We are gonna melt the wax" - that's what Jared told me on the first day.  And that's exactly what he did over the course of his 9 week Meisner Technique class.  Even in a group setting, Jared is personally invested in each and every one of his students.  He's challenging and supportive at the same time and you can see the passion he has for the craft.  He creates such a warm environment, it's impossible to resist going along for the ride - and the discoveries you will have along the way are invaluable.  The technique and Jared's approach to teaching it allowed me to become more comfortable in my own skin, which will undoubtedly open up worlds for me when it comes to characterization.  If you have the chance to work with Jared, jump at it.

JD Wilson

As someone who is new to the stage, Jared Kelner taught me that acting is not just a hobby but rather a beautiful craft that must first be treated with respect if I want to grow. The one word that comes to mind when reflecting on Jared as my coach is PASSION. He not only has passion for the craft but more importantly Jared Kelner has a genuine passion for his students. I can honestly say that Jared Kelner has had the biggest impact and influence on me as an actor. He creatively engages, educates, and empowers his students to own their ability and to share this wonderful gift of acting with the world.

Ashley Widmer

Jared’s passion and dedication to his craft and his students is second to none.  He provides you with a variety of different acting tools/techniques that build upon your own natural acting instincts. I always thought I knew how to act before I stumbled upon Jared’s class. After my first class, I wondered what I had been doing before! No matter how much you think you know, I am confident that Jared will be able to provide you with additional tools for your “acting toolbox” that give you the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed in  your acting endeavors. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found not only a knowledgeable and passionate teacher, but also someone who I trust and know believes in me.

MIke Sockol

NJACT Perry Award Nominated Playwright

Jared is passionate about acting and compassionate for those who practice it. He has a strong grounding in the theory of acting and easily translates this knowledge into skills that fit neatly into an actor's toolbox.

Howard Smith Jr

NJACT Perry Award Nominated Actor

I heard of Jared's classes approximately 3 years ago. I wanted to improve my acting skills and was looking for an instructor and classes. Some fellow actors, who's talents and skills I admired, told me they had taken classes with Jared Kelner. Unfortunately his evening classes at the time, always seemed to conflict with my rehearsal schedules. So I sought classes in NYC that would accommodate my schedule. I've taken basic technique and scene study class with instructors at a well known studio in Manhattan. When the opportunity presented itself to take a Meisner Technique class with Jared Kelner I was anxious to find out what my friends in our local theatre community were talking about. All I can say is that Jared's class was an exhilarating, imaginative and emotion freeing experience. His respect and engagement of each student, made you feel safe to express yourself artistically without fear of judgment. Feedback was metered in words of encouragement and positivity so that even critiques felt like words of encouragement. Although it was a Meisner technique class, methods of other masters, Strasburg, Stanislavsky, Hagen, Adler and others were discussed giving us a broader pallet of colors to create with. Lastly, it is so rare to find an instructor, so dedicated to his students and passionate about the craft of acting, as Jared. His only focus is preparing his students to create and perform art that is as loved by the audience as much as the artists presenting it.

Jared’s classes have given me the confidence I needed as an actress. With each class I learn something new about the craft, and myself. Jared creates a safe, fun atmosphere. He cares and wants the best for all of his students. I have left each class feeling like “I am enough!"

If I’m honest, I never felt that Jared was my teacher; throughout our classes, I always saw him first as my friend. The friend you want to emulate and impress not because you have to, but because he inspires that drive in you. I can’t tell you the times I drove home from class crying or angry, but deeper than that, there was a fire ignited in me. I don’t remember ever feeling so alive as when I left Jared’s presence. That’s what he inspires in you. At once a guide, mentor, drill sergeant, or servant depending on what he feels you need in that moment to push you just a step further. Then another step. Then another. He took me to places I didn’t know I could go or I had locked off - all while being open to feedback and camaraderie. Finding a teacher like that is nigh impossible, but then Jared goes further with meetups outside of class and willing advice long afterwards. Even now that class is over, I’m still intimidated and inspired by how intensely human he is. And I’m continually driven to be a better actor, a more generous partner and to live truthfully in the moment. I don’t know of anyone else who can engender that, if I’m being honest.

Jared Kelner is a masterful teacher, one of the finest I have had the pleasure to work with and one of the best in the industry. I have had the fortune of taking three classes with Mr. Kelner as my instructor, including an 8-week intensive training class exploring Advanced Level Acting Craft techniques and a 10-week Meisner Technique Class focused specifically on providing a solid foundation with this technique. They have been my most favorite acting classes, each providing me with specific tools to enhance my acting ability.
When studying with Jared Kelner, it is like taking a college level course. He is prepared with a class outline, objectives for the course, specific homework assignments with reference and study materials for you to use and keep once the class is done. He is meticulously organized yet simultaneously loose, spontaneous and flexible when teaching. His environment is fun and purposeful.
He is knowledgeable about the various approaches to acting including Meisner, Lee Strasberg’s Method, Checkov, Stanislavski’s System, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and more. His classes have introduced his students to elements from each of those techniques, allowing you to choose those that work best for you. As he says, “it’s important to have many tools in your tool box for you to select from”.
Jared has many wonderful qualities but two that I would like to highlight is his generosity and his passion. He may be one of the most enthusiastic instructors that I have ever met. His excitement about acting is contagious and palpable. He absolutely loves, adores and cherishes acting. He reminds us that acting is fun and that we do this because we want to play. Jared teaches us how to play well. He spends any waking moment he can, researching and studying the craft then shares that information with his students. He has an incredible private library collection which he constantly adds to and his students are the recipients of his efforts.
He is also one of the most generous instructors and makes himself available to you, without hesitation. He is invested in every person being their best and he works to ensure that he has done his part to support you in being prepared and more confident as an actor. He is truthful and will also let you know when you can do better, push harder. There is no BS with Jared. The work does not come without critique and its important if you truly want to excel. It also comes with respect and praise when you have done well. He knows how to work with people from where they are and will do all he can to take you to the next level, making himself available via Facebook, phone, email one on one assistance and more. His level of support is tremendous and one that I greatly appreciated.
Simply put, Jared Kelner is the best…smart, dynamic, insightful, truthful, generous and caring. I am proud to know this man and am so glad to have him in my corner, cheering me on. I highly recommend working with Jared and give a 100% guarantee that you will become a more powerful and purposeful actor with his guidance and support.


Gina Marie

In the 5 years that I've known Jared I have taken many of his classes. He is relentless in his mission to make sure you understand what he is teaching. He will meet you before class and go over anything that you may need help with and has a reputation for staying well past the allotted time after class, because he enjoys teaching that much. It's safe to say Jared definitely goes the extra mile for his students. He is serious about the craft of acting and his students, but he also has quite the sense of humor which adds up to many laughs (and some head shakes) in class. Try one of Jared Kelner's classes you will be truly glad that you did.

David Sussman

I have been acting and studying for 30 years but have never had the learning experience that I got in Jared's class. His process of teaching many different schools of thought and theories instead of just one, allows you to find and discover what resonates with you and what doesn't. As a writer/director, Jared is the most generous that I've ever known. I highly recommend investing in your acting with Jared's class whether you have aspirations of greatness or simply want to be a better community theater actor.

Jared opened my eyes to the wonders that Meisner could do for me not just as an actor, but as a person. I am so grateful to have gotten the chance to learn from him in his 8 Week Meisner Intensive. He is an extremely open teacher who I feel comfortable learning and exploring my craft with. His class is unpredictable in the most organized of ways, you will be truly amazed by how much you learn in a short time, and how incredible he is along that teaching path. He really is there for you every step of the way to give advice, take your ideas, and always maintain an open line of communication. The most open and supportive acting teacher I have had, and I am endlessly thankful for all I’ve learned from him. He has taught me to be a giving scene partner, to stop thinking so much and just do, and that acting should feel real because it is in that moment how you would respond. Any serious actor will not be disappointed with the depth he provides you as a teacher, whether you are beginner or advanced, you will surely take much from him for your craft.

Brian Merrill

NJACT Perry Award Nominated Actor

Jared cast me in his original play 'Silver Dollar' and I had the honor of working with him as a performer, and also under his skillful guidance, as my Director. Jared's playwriting and direction is strategically and beautifully crafted to bring the audience along for a unpredictable journey. He eloquently weaves his words to be expressed in truthful, unconventional ways. As an actor, I was fortunate to have this opportunity to work with Jared. His vast experience as a playwright, author, director, performer, and acting teacher was invaluable when it came to putting together the play and getting the best performance out of his actors. He imparted techniques and tools to me that I will continue to use going forward. I'm a better performer for having had the opportunity to work along such a professional and master at his craft.

Barry Leonard

I met Jared Kelner for the first time when he was a guest lecturer in an acting class I was taking with Gerry Appel. At one point, we locked eyes and he said those two words that changed my life: ‘Blue Shirt’.  Later that year, Jared partnered with Gerry and introduced the class to the art of the Meisner Technique. Jared’s intense commitment, his in-depth critique (positive or negative) of every student’s monologue or scene, his unselfish willingness to help each of his students prepare an audition proves how dedicated a teacher he is and how important it is to him to pass along the craft and various acting tools to make one a better actor. I trust no one better than Jared as a teacher of acting techniques or as a critic of my performances.

Jared, I was in your class at The Network last night. OMG!!!! You are f'ing unbelievable. I am so excited, you have changed my life in a night with the information you gave us. I worked with the book all the way back home on the train last night and was up early this morning to continue. Did the monologue in the Room Pegging method. WOW. So easy. I can't tell you what anxiety and fear has been plaguing me all these years. There is nothing worse than working with A-listers and famous directors and you go up. The fear is huge. What you have done in a single night has changed my life. I can already feel the weight lifting off my shoulders and the fun coming back into my work. I literally felt like skipping back to Grand Central last night. Next Sat I leave for a cruise to the Caribbean and you know what book I am bringing!!!!! In January I will be reaching out to set-up some practice coaching sessions with you. (Oh god this is fun)
Thank you so much for taking the time to write the book on this topic and I can't wait for your next project on NLP.
All the best,

I had Jared as an acting teacher for multiple classes at The Playhouse Acting Academy. One of my favorite lessons was Emotional Memory. He has wonderful techniques to help actors memorize their lines quickly and easily. Jared takes his time teaching all of his students and makes sure no one is left behind. He also helped me with my shyness and helped me to project my voice. I would highly recommend Jared as an acting coach.
Stephanie O’Connor - YouTube Partner “Steph Arizona”

Instagram: @Steph_Arizona / Facebook: StephArizonaYouTube / Twitter: @StephArizona

I met Jared in 2013 in a scene study class. He stood out from the rest of the class. He was always well prepared, taking notes on his script, learning his lines super fast and always gave a truthful, hell-of-a-performance. I remember saying to myself "Who is this guy?" Omg!! Wow!!! Well was I about to find out. One day while rehearsing our scene Jared shared with me an acting technique that helped him live truthfully in the moment and develop his character. It was something new for me and I was so happy my fellow actor went out of his way to help us both create something meaningful. I soon learned that in addition to being a student, he was also an acting teacher. I admire that although he’s been teaching for so long, he still takes time to study and work on his craft. I’ve come to truly value Jared's advice. I've never met anyone like him. Whenever I would call, text or email Jared about finding an acting coach, school or preparing for a part, he was always there for me. He's always there rooting you on and always giving you his all. Later that year I had my 1st three-day actors intensive workshop in NY that involved casting agents, directors and a judging panel. I was so nervous. Jared was there to help me. Through FaceTime he coached me and provided insight and feedback to help me better understand my role. As a result of Jared’s coaching, I nailed the performance and got rave reviews from the industry professionals on the panel. I couldn't have done it without Jared. His work ethic is unlike any other. He works harder than anyone I know. Jared can run into you getting coffee and he'd share an acting technique with you right there on the spot and you'll remember it, I mean he's that good. I'm so blessed and honored to call Jared my friend.

Kristina Sussman

I reached middle age with a curiosity but no burning desire to be on stage, fearful of memorization and judgement. While I was decicedly not auditioning, merely tagging along with my husband for his own audition, I agreed to help Jared by reading the female role for the guys to react to. Jared saw/heard something in my reading and cast me in my first show. In what could have been a nerve wracking situation for a new actress, Jared made me comfortable, taught me a ton of things about the craft of acting, and gave me the confidence to rise to the level of my castmates. Jared is a wonderful teacher who had the patience and knowledge to share a multitude of techniques until he and I found the one that worked for me. I am blessed to have had the chance to do my first show with my husband and to work with Jared too. I can't imagine any better experience.