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It Takes So Much Courage To Share Your Soul, Share Your Private Thoughts, Trust Your Instincts, Offer Your Heart and Expose Your Vulnerability.

Actors, Writers, Performers, Musicians, Directors, Producers...frankly everyone in the arts is courageous.

Anyone who looks as an artist as anything other than brave, has likely never set foot on stage, in front of the camera or created and shared a work of art.

Artists put themselves out in front of the public's eye in a way unlike any other profession.

Artist take risks and know full well that they are stepping into the spotlight and there's a very strong possibility they will be eviscerated and shredded apart by judgmental, cruel and cynical individuals, but artists do it anyway because they have the courage to handle the criticism.

We are strong. We are worthy. We are talented. We are courageous.

I know from experience that our egos and our self-esteem can be brutally damaged when what we put out to the public is not respected, revered, honored or even noticed.

I know how hard it is to get back on that stage and do it all over again when last night's performance underwhelmed and under-delivered, but we do it night after night after night.

We put on our big boy and big girl pants again and we walk back out into the light because we have a voice that must be heard. We have a heart that must be shared. We have ideas that are there to inspire and transform and deeply effect all those who lend us their eyes and ears.

If you're feeling down, it's OK. You are a sensitive soul and that sensitivity, that empathy you feel for others, THAT IS YOUR GIFT. Cherish the turmoil. Embrace the embarrassment. Welcome the failure because you are strong enough and courageous enough to bear that burden unlike most everyone else in the world.

Never stop creating. Never stop performing. Never stop inspiring. Never stop stepping into the spotlight.

Always share your heart. Always be vulnerable. Always know that you are loved, supported and that you most definitely are so much more than enough.

You are an artist. You have value and you bring so much value to the lives of people you'll never know and never meet.

Be brave my fellow traveler for we are actors, we are performers, we are creators, we are artists.

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I hope this post has inspired you in some small way. I look forward to reading your comments.

Bye for now and Stay Safe My Fellow Travelers.

See you inside the Toolbox.




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